Bellaken Garden & Skilled Nursing Center
The followings are heartfelt testimonials/reviews from families:

"We can sum up our feelings in one word, OUTSTANDING!  My father (May's husband) came to Bellaken
in 2007.  He was always well cared for, and always felt that he was John, not file # XYZ123.  The entire
staff were professional, caring and always friendly.  My mother (his wife) is now with Bellaken, and while
her stay may end sometime soon(return to her home), we are still getting the excellent care.  We do
thank all!" ~ John Blaisdell (son)

"Deciding to transfer the daily responsibility of taking care of a parent in the hands of others is always a
difficult one for the entire family.  I was fortunate enough to find Bellaken Garden and Skilled Nursing
Center.  Their dedication to service and commitment to excellence has given my family a sense of
serenity that is priceless.  Thank you Bellaken Garden and Skilled Nursing Center for all that you do."  
~ Connie Ko (daughter)
Testimonials / Reviews
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